Hormone to increase human growth – somatropin

Hormone to increase human growth – growth hormone (somatropin). Human growth can change during a person’s lifetime. The most rapid growth usually ends in 16-18 years. The further increase its growth is also possible, but not as much as up to this age. One option – the increase in the body of the two hormones. […]

Somatropin: effects, dosage and buying

Somatropin, or growth hormone (“catfish” in Latin means “body”) – bioregulator is a polypeptide produced by the anterior pituitary gland. This material was used in sports (preferably bodybuilding) for generating the perfect relief of muscle.   Biosynthetic growth hormone Somatropin includes preparations of protein nature, possessing species-specific. This bio-active product obtained by genetic engineering, is […]

The use of Somatropin in bodybuilding and fitness

Growth hormone (somatotropin, growth hormone) – a hormone released by the anterior pituitary. In sports, GH got immense popularity because of its ability to provide a pronounced increase in muscle mass, to form relief while burning body fat. Recombinant growth hormone in bodybuilding is often combined with anabolic steroids to achieve the most pronounced anabolic […]