Somatropin: all details you need

Biosoma; Genotropin; Dzhintropin; Kreskormon; Norditropin (Norditropin NordiLet, PenSet Norditropin, Norditropin simplex); Rastan; Saizen; Growth Hormone; somatropin; Humatrop. Somatropin – preparations of pituitary human growth hormone. Growth hormone – somatropin – a powerful metabolic hormone influences on lipid metabolism, carbohydrate and protein. It has an anabolic effect and stimulates growth. As in adults, and children maintain […]

Somatropin: results, side effects and courses

Somatropin – drug growth hormone. This pharmacological drug is released from the network of pharmacies by prescription only. Somatropin: reviews and description Instructions to somatropin suggests that the hormonal drug stimulates the process of skeletal and somatic growth, while providing a pronounced effect on the metabolic processes occurring. This hormonal drug can effectively make up […]

Hormone to increase human growth – somatropin

Hormone to increase human growth – growth hormone (somatropin). Human growth can change during a person’s lifetime. The most rapid growth usually ends in 16-18 years. The further increase its growth is also possible, but not as much as up to this age. One option – the increase in the body of the two hormones. […]